Our Story

Glendale Sports opened its doors in 2011 with the mission of providing the type of high-quality sports and clinical massage available to professional athletes at a price the public can afford. In the years since we opened our doors, we have become recognized as a service leader in the community. We have also added more services in partnership with experienced professionals to now become GS Integrative Therapies. To learn more about each of our specialties and therapists read about them below

Clinical/Medical Massage
Eagle Bowers – BA, LMT

Contact: 623-215-2525 | email

Eagle Bowers has decades of experience in sports training and injury rehab. He is a licensed massage therapist in high demand for his knowledge and successful work.

Sports Massage
Michael McGreevy – LMT

Contact: 480-662-9462 | email

Michael McGreevy is an avid multi-sport athlete who tried massage therapy for his own needs and became such a proponent that he went to school and now holds national certification (MBLEx) as a licensed massage therapist and works with athletes of all ages.

Medical Therapies
Victoria Bowers – MSN-ed, ARNP, CHHC

Contact: 623-215-2525 | email

Victoria is a Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and an American Association of Facial Aesthetics member with years of experience as an ER and Urgent Care nurse and medical provider.

Wave/Neuro-Muscular Therapy
Ben Evans – NMT

602-561-1300  |  email

Ben is a sports and exercise specialist with over 15 years of field experience working in fitness and wellness. He works with clients to help heal from chronic injuries in a timely manner.