Neuro-Muscular Wave Therapy Is a manual manipulation using Electromuscular Wave Therapy, which can help find neuro muscular disruptions, break the patterns that cause the disruption, re-pattern the neuro-muscular system, and use movement patterns that allow opposing muscle groups work together. This type of therapy can improve conditioning, offer pain relief, prevent injury, allow you to recover faster and more fully, and maximize training results. Neuro-Fit programming can help you jump higher, move faster and provide greater power output. It immediately increases your body’s ability to absorb force and increases your range of motion and flexibility. Neuro-Muscular Wave Therapy is available to professional sports teams; now, you too can receive this quality therapy.

Ben also offers functional stretching therapy and use of Recovery Pump Compression Boots.

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for a minimum 3-month commitment, you receive:

  • 1 infrared sauna treatment
  • 1 Myer’s cocktail IV treatment
  • 1 recovery Pump Compression Boots Treatment
  • 1 Marc Pro EMS Sport Performance Preparation and Recovery session
  • 1 Functional Stretching Therapy session

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