Gentle manual therapy which assesses structural relationships between organs (viscera) and the systems of the body, or which releases local nerve restrictions can limit imbalances throughout the entire body by releasing restrictions allowing the body to heal itself, and/or enhance proper functioning of the nervous system – one of the communication highways throughout the body. Both are achieved by letting the hands of the practitioners listen to the body of the client/patient and moving to the area of restriction.

Visceral/Neuro Manipulation massages should be done with 3-4 weeks in between to allow your body to adapt and restore itself to health. No other massages or manual therapies should be done in-between Visceral/Neuro Manipulation sessions, otherwise your body will not be able to fully adapt and restore itself. Improvement may be seen immediately, but typically it takes 3-5 sessions for significant improvement be realized. Your practitioner will develop a plan with you based on your needs and your body’s response to therapy.

Eagle and Victoria have taken several of the visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, and listening classes through the Barral Institute. And can currently use these skills in treating issues of pain, a general feeling of “something’s wrong”, “they can’t find anything wrong with me”, or noticeable imbalances in your body. Victoria will begin taking these courses in 2019.